What’s that Smell?

We had one of those “isn’t it great to be a homeowner?!?” moments last week.

As there are so many of us living in the same house (4 permanent, one part border), we more than have the need for supplementary fridge and freezing storage. When we moved in we set ourselves up with a small mini bar and a cube freezer in the garage. The fridge really just serves as extra room for beer, but the freezer has been home to burgers, chill and random meats (my favourite pluralized word) since we moved in.

Again, due to the number of dwellers in our homestead, the Garage also serves as storage for lots of our other overflow: Suitcases, Off Season Clothing (I don’t personally have this concept), bikes and other sporting equipment. As Korean is the most ‘team sports’ associated member in the house, the garage serves as home to his collection of Hockey Equipment. Unfortunately, being an aggressive sport, hockey and its necessary equipment has frequent visits with bodies exerting themselves – and, well, it smells.

We complain periodically about the funk in the garage, which is much more prominent during a busy hockey period, but its honestly the best solution for storage. Recently, however, I had been noticing that the smell had been getting a bit more unbearable. In short, it was getting rather offensive, rather quickly. We suffered in silence for a few weeks.

Cut to last week when Tigger darts downstairs to put some food in the freezer – opens up the lid and is met with a wall of odour that almost ejected his breakfast directly from his stomach. As it would appear, our freezer had died and along with it, the previously dead (and thankfully frozen) meat had thawed and come alive with putrid odours as it began it rot in the unbelievable heat wave we have been enjoying.

And we thought it was just Korean’s Hockey gear. Whoops.

Thankfully, Korean has a farm boy history and quickly manned up and cleaned up the remains of our previous edible food – and he didn’t even request a HazMat suit. I hid in the living room and then Febreezed the ENTIRE HOUSE after he drove away with the carnage. Curiously, after Tigger opened the freezer, even after closing it within seconds the odour had begun to permeate the house at an alarming rate.

I’m happy to say that there is no lasting damage from the rather gross occurrence (except maybe emotional scars), and we are the proud owners of a new freezer!

Next time, Korean, we will give you more credit and not just assume that your Hockey Equipment is to blame for any vile smell in the house.



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5 responses to “What’s that Smell?

  1. Jessica


    Then, lol, when I noticed one of the tags for this post is “stinky meat” hahaha!

  2. Kat

    Is it weird that my favourite part of this post is how you mentioned that means is your favourite pluralized word?

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