Quick Change

As we prepare to gather as a family tomorrow to lay my grandmother to rest, on the eve of her 98th birthday – I realized something was off. My nails were chipped.

Trivial though it would seem, my Grandmother was known for her impeccably manicured nails (as is my Mother) and I thought it wouldn’t be fitting to show up in my current condition.


My G-ma was actually know for her overall elegance, that clearly surpassed just the quality of her hand care. She was always beautifully put together and I would really love to have seen her in her youth. The idea of her in the roaring 20’s thrills me.

As I knew a more somber occasion was upon us, I decided to tone down my colour choice.


Well…. Going from Neon down to just Bright and Sparkly really IS toning down in Nancy’s world.

Nain would be happy with my choice I’m sure 🙂



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7 responses to “Quick Change

  1. Kat

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I love that you were able to pay a small tribute to her through your nail polish (GREAT colours!). If I were to do a tribute at my grandmother’s funeral, realistically it would probably involve buying an outfit from Giant Tiger. On sale.

  2. I want sassy photos of G-ma in the roaring 20s!

  3. I was so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. Hope you are well. xo

    • Sorry – I really should have indicated that she actually passed away in December and we are just doing the internment now. She was a wonderful woman but it was time to let go, so we celebrated her life this week 🙂 I appreciate your thoughts though!

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