Suspicions Confirmed

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a distinctively deep and slightly husky voice. This wouldn’t be anything worth mentioning if I was a dude, but since I’m of the female persuasion it’s definitely not my favourite trait. I wouldn’t say I fret over my voice, I’m just more than acutely aware of it – especially when I hear recordings of my own voice.  Tigger and I actually recently agreed that my voice is deeper than his, I’m not sure who was more horrified.

Earlier this month I headed up to King City for an outdoor shindig with some friends that involved an open bar and all you can eat food – on the rather large property of an insane mansion. As an added bonus, the event was actually a fundraiser, so our partying was for a good cause!

King City Carnival!

We had a great evening and then finished up with a few night caps at a friend’s house. As daylight hours were nearing, four of us piled into a cab to head home. I ended up positioned behind the driver.  We were all chatting away and found out that the driver was from India, Gurgaon to be specific – I’ve actually been there, twice!  This sparked a great conversation about both his hometown and some other parts of the country I had visited, and just how much I loved Indian food.

The driver (whose name I knew at the time and have since forgotten) inquired about how much time I had spent there, and we got into a whole discussion about why I was there and the details of my job.  He then said to me:

“Almost five months is a long time to be away from home, did you at least get to take your wife or girlfriend with you?”

This is where everyone goes quiet.  Silence.  And then I stutter

“Umm, I’m a girl.”

The driver flung his head around to confirm, and then started apologizing quickly. Laughter.  More Laughter.

In both his and my defense, it had been a long night of drinking and screaming over the loud music.  But still, with only my voice as a cue, he unquestionably thought I was a dude.

After a long night of partying, I sound like this dude.



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8 responses to “Suspicions Confirmed

  1. I think it’s hot when girls have deep, raspy voices! Be proud!

  2. Kat

    I second the comment above. But am cringing at how awkward that moment must have been!!

  3. I think it was more cultural.. it was the concept that was bothering him…… you don’t tell a story like a boy, and you don’t sound like one either xo…. but.. HAHAHAHAHAHAH so funny!

  4. This post made me wonder, do you sing? If so, in what range?

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