Unsupervised Exercise


Until my recent experiences working out with a Personal Trainer, I mostly exercised solely under my own guidance and volition.  Granted, I would often just go to Group Exercise or Yoga classes where my workout was still assisted by a professional, but I’d often just hit the cardio machines or try like 4 minutes of ab work before calling it a day.  Regardless, I felt like I could get the job done on my own.  Even with my recent new habit of running now and then, I can get up, get out the door and work up a sweat.  Yesterday was a bit of a different story, however.

I woke up on Wednesday morning and had received an email overnight from the Irish Sadist – apparently his giant German Sheppard puppy was out of sorts and he was still up with him at 2am (when the email arrived), so he would be cancelling our morning session.  In a fit of strength, I continued the exit from under my sheets – regardless of how tempting it was to just stay put.  I was determined to make the most of my morning even without someone there to complain too, and make me push harder.  After the long weekend, I was in need of some vicious calorie burning.

I hit the gym and jumped on the treadmill for a warmup, then started to wander around the gym plotting my next move.  Regardless how confident I am using the equipment in the gym when the Sadist is with me, I feel like a fish out of water in the weights area of the gym by myself.  I still refer to everything but cardio & group ex as the “Big Boys Gym” and trying to figure out what to use, how to use it and in what order makes me panic.  If anyone is using a machine I bail and hurry off.  Frankly, if anyone is within ten feet and I perceive that they may eventually have a use for that particular Rowing machine (even though there are two other empty ones right there), I’ll still hurry off with my tail between my legs.  I have no problem using free weights and could easily fill an hour with them alone, but again, that’s the “Big Boys’” territory – so I stayed clear.

Big Boys Gym

Now let’s get this straight – the gym was, as usual, populated by all walks of life and they weren’t separated into sections like a Highschool cafeteria.  That is to say that the “Big Boys Gym” had plenty of little girls, old girl, little men, round men etc. not just brickhouse body builders and elite athletes.  The concept is clearly my brain working against me, not an actual accurate perception of my surroundings.

I managed to scurry around a bit and find three machines (Seated Row, Chest Press, Hanging Leg Lifts) I’d used before and successfully start my workout.  I then couldn’t figure out what to do next right away – being idle in a gym also terrifies me – so I almost panicked and headed for the changerooms.  I took a bit of a breather and remembered the ‘Fit Fix’ part of the gym which is a series of easy to use equipment you can move through in a short period of time.  Thankfully those machines were all but abandoned so I jumped on all the upper body muscle associated machines and finished up my hour.

I definitely think the Sadist and I are going to have to develop some workouts for me when I end up in the gym on my own.  I also need to man the %#@k up and stop being such a spaz.


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4 responses to “Unsupervised Exercise

  1. I think you should get a free session for that!!!

  2. Kat

    The Sadist must have been so proud!

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