Girl’s Night Out

Featuring: New Hair do’s and Shiny Legs!

A few days late posting, but better late than never.

This past Monday evening Jillian, Eleanor and I hit the town, attending the 7th Annual SMUT Soiree – a girly event centering around a chat session with Lainey Gossip – which was held at the Evengreen Brickworks, smack in the middle of the Don Valley.

The three of us donned pretty sundresses, fabulous heels and just a touch of sass!  (This would be the first appearance of my dress since the Wardrobe Malfunction in Fremantle, Western Australia) The weather mostly complied as it was sunny for the majority of the event with just a tiny sprinkle here and there.  We entered the event space and promptly headed to the bar before surveying the available activities.  The beverages at these events are always a bit strange the only things on offer are from sponsors – so you can’t just order a vodka and soda, because the spirits sponsor was Bacardi.  Not like we suffered for it though, the options included:

  • Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc – WHY couldn’t have been just the regular 1664??  Damn the need to promote citrusy summer beer!
  • Bacardi – which was being mixed into a Mojito!
  • Jacob’s Creek – Moscato

After having a few beverages and snagging some snacks from the mingling servers (sliders and fries, oh my!), we started to survey our entertainment options.  We stopped by the John Freida pop up salon and scheduled hair appointments for later in the evening, and then tried to sort out what was going on at the Waxon booth.  Turns out that as a promotion for their new salon, they were offering free eyebrow waxing or threading to eventgoers.  Seeing as though my eyebrows are perfect (read: I’m afraid), I let the other ladies go ahead for their free treatments.

As we were waiting around for their turns, one of the ladies offered for us to try a new lotion product that they were selling that is supposed make your legs “Glow like JLo.”  We agreed to try it out and each received a strange leg massage as the product was rubbed onto our stems (I mostly found it strange that this poor girl was able to squat in 5” stilettos all night!).  We were all pretty impressed and spent a good amount of time staring at our shiny new legs, attracting much attention from other guests and signing the poor girl up for an evening of crouching and leg rubbing!

With our legs freshly glowing, and two third’s of our eyebrows under control, we grabbed some more wine and then made it to our hair appointments.

Jillian looked hysterical with her entire head being teased, but it was quickly calmed into a side pony with a herringbone braid.

Eleanor had a chic updo with a braid down the back that seemed to disappear as it was tucked under at the bottom.

Nancy received the most wild look (how did he know?!) with a twist on the classic Chignon that included two herringbone braids and a hell of a lot of backcombing.  In other words, perfect.

Seeing as though we now had our ‘Hair Did’ it seemed appropriate to imbibe in the free Makeup touchups being offered by Stila.   Thankfully none of us looked like Street Walkers by the end of the night!  We were definitely more done up than a typical Monday night however, that’s for sure.

The most entertaining aspect of the event by far was people watching.  Most of the ladies that turned up (and the odd gentleman as well) were definitely trying to make an impression with their fashion choices.  While we did see some absolutely stunning outfits, it was the tragic ones that were far more entertaining.  There was certainly enough red lips, neon and pastels in the room to call it a fashionable evening, despite the few train wrecks!

Being the responsible ladies that we are, we called it a night at around 9:30 after scooping up our excellent gift bags!  Definitely an awesome night on the town, and not nearly as liver destroying as it would have been had it been set on a weekend!



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5 responses to “Girl’s Night Out

  1. Kat

    You ladies look fabulous for a Monday summer night out. I like your high-low dress (I hate calling them mullet dresses) Wish there was a shot of the back of your hairdos! I’d for sure be flasking it if I didn’t like the beverages on order.

    • Flasking! Great idea 🙂

      Haha.. I hate calling them mullet dresses too! I got it at Sportsgirl in Melbourne – and not only is it high-low its also completely asymmetrical!

  2. Ohhh… I think I have some shots of the hairdos! I will see what I can find!

  3. I’m always jealous of your shoes.

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