Buying My Way to Fitness

I totally look like this.

This whole fitness thing is expensive, seriously.  Or maybe I just make it that way 🙂

After returning from Australia I have spent the majority of my disposable income (and much more that I haven’t quite earned yet) on various athletic endeavours.   I realize that many of the things I have spent money on are truly optional on my quest for wellness, but I never really do anything halfway do I?

Gym Membership – After fleeing Goodlife last year for the seemingly greener pastures of Extreme Fitness (and the promise of lots of Yoga with Jillian),  I went over the pros and cons and decided that a gym that was a two minute walk from my office was just too much to pass up.  Of course, even with my Corporate Discount, I still wanted the premium membership with towel service as well as a permanent locker.  $$

Personal Training – While signing up for the gym, I thought it would be wise to also pick up an introductory Personal Training package to re-acquaint myself with the process of working out.  Enter the Irish Sadist and his various plans to torture and break my poor little body.  Despite his efforts to scare me off, we got along well from day one and I felt very comfortable working with him (and whining as much as I feel like) so I decided to man up and buy a full year of training. 130 sessions, cha-ching.  $$$$$$

Clothing – While I already owned gym clothes, most of my collection involved old relics discarded from regular wear drawers (read: cotton and heavy).  The sheer volume of time I’m spending at the gym these days vs. the frequency of opportunities to do laundry has demanded that I start to stock up on new gym wear.  So far I have a couple new pair of pants and tops – but I’m seriously eyeing a few pricey numbers at Lululemon.  $

Shoes – Considering that I spend $600 for my orthotics, it seems to make sense that I should be placing them inside well supported footwear, especially with this nasty running habit I’m trying to pick up.  My current running shoes were pushing the 2 or 3 year mark, so I decided it was time to pick up some new ones – cut to me testing out new shoes at the Running Room while in a maxi dress and Kimonoesque top. Jackass.  Mission accomplished though! $

Backpack – As I am attempting to change my Walk to Work program into a Run to Work bonanza, I definitely can’t always be carrying my near 6 year old Lululemon bowling bag.  I actually picked up a small Electric backpack last year for this purpose, and while it serves me well for walking it just isn’t equipped for the needs of running.  While innocently checking out the Lululemon store with Jillian this week I happened to spy a Neon pink backpack specifically designed for the act of running to or from work – match made in heaven.  I think I actually asked Jillian if I should just get the black one – but we all know what decision I ended up making.  $

Obsess much?
The Neon was warped by my camera – its 20x brighter than this!

As you can see, I’m finding many ways to spend my hard earned dollars in the name of fitness – and that’s not even considering my increased grocery bill (damn fresh food is expensive!) or the fees I will be paying for some upcoming 5ks.  Although, I can’t really say that it isn’t in my nature to be a spender – the day I picked up my new backpack I came home and realized I also purchased a shirt and a dress from H&M in similar shades.  At least no one will have trouble finding me in the dark!



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5 responses to “Buying My Way to Fitness

  1. Nothing is grosser than the wet heat that is our laundry… You have to LOVE your work out stuff, and I am sOOOO jealous about your backpack, and your new runners. Hope you can accompany me over the next few weeks for my new runners!

  2. I knew I would love it!!!! Those are some bright colours…well done. I need to take a page from your colour palette. I wear too much black!

    • I may be a bit obsessed with every colour in the rainbow – I think I have the opposite problem! I really want to get the neon yellow running tank from Lulu that has the built in bra, let’s see how long I can hold out!!

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