Cat’s Eye View


While I attempted to quietly make breakfast this AM before heading off to the gym, Prince William decided to join me in the kitchen and serenade me with his special version of Wake The &@$k Up. In an effort to not have him disturb the entire house I scooped him up and he settled in for the process of making scrambled eggs – on my shoulders, of course.

Note: extremely hard to get a photo from behind your own head with a cat perched on your shoulders.

Hopefully Peggy and Tigger don’t mind the extra cat hair in their eggs this morning.

Far be it for me to deny my little angel the attention he demands in the morning, so after dishing out breakfast he also decided to join me at the table and inspect my meal.

I think I’m starting to understand parents that give their children whatever they want just to shut them up. Seriously, I would do almost Anything to stop the incessant racket in the morning!


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