High Heels and Bad Decisions


On Friday afternoon, during a quick lunch trip to the Eaton Centre, I was drawn to a pair of neon yellow pumps – they had to be mine! I carried them blissfully back to the office, new shoes always put a spring in my step!

I headed to Montreal for the weekend with Andre and Eve to see our dear friend Brown Squirrel who was home for a quick visit from Thailand. The last time I saw her was my last morning in Thailand when she dropped me off at the airport in Mae Sot after a particularly harrowing adventure on her scooter with my 40 pound backpack.

As we so infrequently have the good fortune to see each other, it was cause for celebration – and a perfect night for my new heels. It was also Brown Squirrel’s little brothers birthday so we had an evening of fun ahead of us.

I don’t particularly remember much about the shoes either than carrying them around in my purse until just before we got to the bar – but Eve managed to capture this shot of me at the end of the night clearly protesting their involvement in my evening.

My last memory of the evening before drifting off (still in my outfit – the usual) was Andre, Eve and I devouring our Poutines back in the hotel room. Brown Squirrel had gone off to meet some other friends at the end of the night and had the misfortune of returning to the hotel, without a key, after we had all passed out and was stuck in the hallway banging on the door and calling us incessantly for god knows how long.

I love my friends πŸ™‚



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11 responses to “High Heels and Bad Decisions

  1. Yellow pumps!!! You are so bold! I bought black flats on the weekend…I really know how to live on the wild side. Lol
    I was in Montreal a few weeks ago visiting friends and we stayed right downtown and went to a bar called Nesta. I really love Montreal and I wish I could go there more. Did you have a chance to do some shopping? Simons?

    • I’ve been to Nesta! I think my friend Brown Squirrel knows the owner actually, that’s where she disappeared too at the end of the night πŸ™‚ We were at Musique, which was terrible in my opinion, but I still had a blast.

      Sadly no shopping! Eve and I made a determined march up to H&M (there isn’t one in Ottawa, so we always make the special visit for her!) after brunch but it was closed for St. Jean Baptiste.. blargh! Too short of a visit really for anything but catching up.

      I live in flats – but I have an insane collection of heels I can never wear πŸ™‚

  2. Kat

    Shoe envy!! I love neon yellow shoes but consider myself tanned enough to wear them a grand total of about 2 days per year. I spotted my first pair in Ottawa (we’re so conservative) and was so distracting by what looked like highlighter tips I almost crossed the street in front a bus. Love the look of wrath in that photo!

    • I never actually considered the tan quality of my legs when wearing yellow shoes – but you have a point! Thankfully after wintering in the Summer Hemisphere I do have a bit of a dark hue than I would normally have this time of year!

  3. At least Poutine was involved. And from the looks of the picture, you seem to be getting a good laugh from a possibly handsome guy behind you.

    • And the Poutine was FABULOUS.

      Haha.. That’s Andre (get it.. the Giant? I’m 5’9″ so that should tell you how tall he is) in the background and is definitely laughing at my shenanigans.


  5. I have to admit, I fell in love with the phrase, “high heels and bad decisions” and have since, used it multiple times to describe a night. I should start sending you royalty checks.

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