Rise and Shine, Literally

Gone are the days of me rolling out of bed at 8:15am on a workday and rushing through my morning routine only to make it work a few minutes late, and then have to rush downstairs to get a bagel (with butter) and a giant coffee.  Thanks to my thrice weekly AM visits with the Irish Sadist, I can’t seem to stay in bed after 7am during the week.  The downside is obvious – I love sleeping, the more the better. The upside is a bit more complex.

As today was a day off from my scheduled Personal Training sessions, I technically had the morning to myself.  I thrive on the extra time on Tuesdays, as I’ve dictated it to be  my ‘lazy morning at home’ day now.  It’s become my day to actually wear makeup, straighten my hair and have some extra cuddles with Prince William before I head to the streetcar.   Thursdays, However, are a bit different.  Eleanor and I have been making a habit of walking to work on Thursdays, if weather permits.  Since Eleanor had been off work for almost a week, she decided to pass on our 5k hoof into the city today though.  Thus, finding myself alone,  I decided to jog.

Don’t worry, I still hate running – but I’m determined to be a bit better at it, even if it kills me.  Which it could have today because it was a bajillion degrees out plus an extra bajillion in humidity.   I guess the weather is fitting consider today is the official first day of Summer!

Feels like FORTY – No surprise on the Humidex Advisory!

I hopped out of bed at 6:30 (well I actually carefully removed Prince William from his repose on my stomach first, and then hopped out), cooked up some eggs and was out of the house shortly after 7.

The last time I attempted to jog to the gym (which is only ¼ block from my office) I lasted less than ten minutes and hadn’t covered much distance.  I didn’t make it all the way today either, but I made it to the halfway point and then walked the rest of the way – I was absolutely soaked and exhausted.  I like to think that the heat, humidity and the extra 5-10 pounds in my nerdy backpack tempered my progress, but also with no one around it’s easy to stop when I feel like it.  Knowing that I have actually completed a 5k before, I’m hoping with a bit more practice and the right mental prep I’ll make it all the way to the gym jogging at some point.

On the last leg of my walk I noticed this bus shelter sign and it made me feel like I was in a ParticipAction commercial with Hal Johnson and Joanne McCloud.  Right?



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4 responses to “Rise and Shine, Literally

  1. You have the determination of an Olympian!

  2. lol…I love the reference to Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod. I loved those two. Once again I am inspired by your early morning adventures…and thanks for the tip on Cavalia-it’s nice to know it’s worth it to go.

    Have a great weekend!

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