Father’s Day on the St. Lawrence

Sunday on the St. Lawrence

Despite the fact that my plans had been to spend Father’s Day weekend catching up on my own life in Toronto, I ended up spending the majority of it on the St. Lawrence River with my family.  Lazy days filled with beer and sunshine aren’t really anything to complain about anyway 🙂

Some highlights:

  • Emptying the Keg – Didn’t we just tap it last weekend? Booze hounds
  • Baby Burds – After the loss of our Bunnies last week, I was happy to see some (hopefully) more successful new life on the property.  The chicks are at least a safe distance from the dogs… for now

    Chirp Chirp Chirp!

  • Father’s Day Brunch– Due to the aforementioned emptied Keg, we were drawn to a Riverside restaurant for a tasty lunch and a multitude of pitchers.  Even though I lost out on my vote for dining options, Smuggler’s had Pulled Pork on the menu so all was well.

    Like Father like… wait a minute..are we even related?

  • Gas Station Confusion– while Sandy and I were at our second weekend pitstop at a convenience store for superfluous beverages (this time we stuck to water and grapefruit Perrier), we witnessed a 18 wheeler slide in to the regular pumps, only to fuel up for a measly $14.  Huh?

Despite my longings to actually enjoy the home I pay so much to own, I’ll be off again this weekend – this time to Montreal.  Brown Squirrel has landed back in Canada for a brief visit before spending the rest of the year in Thailand so Andre, Eve and myself will make the pilgrimage to visit, drink too much and then suffer through the car ride home the next day.  Ahh friends 🙂


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