Down for the Count


It was inevitable I guess – I’ve caught a cold. And Nancy is NOT happy about it.

It’s not as if there is actually a “good” time to catch a cold – but a weekend when I’m hosting an old friend is definitely not the best timing. All I could muster in terms of energy last night was to take her for dinner and then watch a terrible movie back at the house. Normally her visits are far less wholesome – but more poor body just won’t comply.

If that wasn’t lame enough for a Friday night, we then had to manage my demonic alarm system going off for apparently no reason at 2am. It is seriously the loudest thing I’ve ever heard times a million. Extremely hard to manage when you’re out of It on night time cold meds. Let’s hope there isn’t an actual fire or carbon monoxide issue because I’ve cut the detectors off at their source – the electrical panel.

So here I am at 6pm on a Saturday, hiding in bed hoping to muster up enough energy to at least take my friend out for a drink.

The constant rain isn’t helping my spirits either 😦



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2 responses to “Down for the Count

  1. Several Starry Nights

    Hope you’re feeling better! What a bummer 😦

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