Happy Belated Birthday Nancy!

Whoops. My little blog turned one almost two weeks ago – and I didn’t even get her a card.

After a year of blogging, I have come to a few conclusions:

  • There is no hiding my crazy on here – in fact I think my crazy is much more apparent in written form (maybe that’s just because I speak to quickly in person so people miss half of the garbage I dole out on a daily basis)
  • I’ve always considered myself as someone with less than zero percent creativity, but maybe writing is a good outlet for me. While the subject matter I yammer on about is either true or my opinion of the truth, Its likely the most creative I’ve ever been
  • I think images are half the fun of blogging, and having a Smart phone is the perfect device for blogging
  • Ya’ll are crazy

I base my last point on the sincerly random search engine refferals I’ve been getting recently along with the fact that if you are a return visitor, I have passed some of my crazy onto you – fact. Some of my favourite search engine terms are:

  • Executive men in sheer socks – I can’t figure out which blog this directed traffic too, and more importantly… What? Was someone looking for sock porn? Or maybe fashion advice?
  • Poor pregnant little waitress – again, unsure as to what of my source material google thought applied here, and I have to wonder if this was someone maybe looking for a very niche dating site, or possibly a costume idea
  • Loser – much like at my 13th birthday party when my friends made me pick the nickname ‘reject’ for laser tag, this one feels like a cruel joke. The post was about losing phones, but by far the most search engine traffic I get is just the one simple word –  and if it were not for the legions of fan girls that jumped on my Jared Padalecki post, it would definitely be the most viewed!

    Searched more than 5 times more often than the next most popular!

Without the Fan Girls, Loser would be #1!



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4 responses to “Happy Belated Birthday Nancy!

  1. Executive men in sheer socks made me crack up! Ah, the search terms can be so hilarious!

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