Happy Birthday Prince William!

No, not that Prince William.

My little baby boy turned SEVEN this week! Well.. More like sometime this year. I must have arbitrarily picked a date at somepoint, because I got a happy birthday ecard for him from the humane society. The email made me feel terrible for forgetting – but I think he’s forgiven me


Little Billie (he’s not really aware of his formal title) was a down and out street cat before my friend Bianca rescued him and brought him to me. He was clearly terrible at the independent life, as he was scrawny, scabby and curiously greasy when he was brought into my life. He has most definitely embraced his position as house cat though, and has become pretty much the best cat ever.

So a very Happy Birthday to my Little Prince. May you always find a comfortable nook on my face to rest your head 🙂



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Prince William!

  1. Happy Birthday Prince William! I don’t know my cat’s real birthday either. I count the day I paid the pet deposit for our apartment (july 5) as her birthday.

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