Why Am I Talking?

On a recent medical journey to discover whats truly wrong with me (either than the obvious), I had a hilarious session with a Speech Therapist in which she basically said my Voice Disability is low and the only thing influencing the trouble with my vocal chords is my Lifestyle.  Drinking. Talking in Loud Places. Drinking while Talking in Loud Places. Talking Too Much in General.

She needed a medical degree to tell me that. Seriously?

During our session, she suggested that the best thing for me to do was practice awareness and offered the helpful little acronym above to help me to remember to rest my voice.  Why Am I Talking? Why, you ask – because it’s what I do.

Case in point – I had a session with the Irish Sadist* (aka my Personal Trainer) last night and, as usual, I babbled away throughout the session.  For some unknown, and clearly ill-advised, reason I decided to mention an exercise I hated doing a few years ago when I participated in a bootcamp at CrossFit – the Turkish Get Up.  The move, as the name suggest, involves getting up from a lying down position while holding a weight straight up in the air – and then getting back down again.  Sounds simple enough, and it may in fact be simple, but I hate it – end of story.

Needless to say, mentioning things to your Trainer that you find difficult is like poking a Lion that didn’t realize you were standing there looking like a delicious snack – because it gets their attention really quickly.  I then had to practice my Turkish Get up, mercifully without the weight, although I sense that won’t last forever.

Lesson Learned – Maybe I really should just shut my big yap more often?

Why Am I Talking? Because I don’t know any better!

*Perfect Nickname credit to Sandy



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5 responses to “W.A.I.T.

  1. I hear ya, and when you do listen to how loud you end up talking in loud places … you realize you only yell because you need to hear yourself talk.. A LOT of people yell in my face, now that I am not yelling back.
    I am glad your disability is low

  2. I hate turkish get ups too & I love the nickname for your personal trainer!

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