O Canada

My home and Maple land.

I was originally planning on butchering the entire anthem and turning it into a love song for my homeland – but I think its for the best if I just stop here.

As much as I’ve enjoyed my time here in Australia, and am very much looking forward to my South East Asian Adventure (with Tigger, Brown Squirrel, Toe Socks and her Yankee Lover), there is a huge part of me that is yearning to have my feet back on Canadian Soil.

Obviously, a big part of any extended trip away from home is missing your friends, family and pets.  That goes without saying, and hence shall be discussed no further – because really, who wants to read about how much I miss my Cat? 🙂

There are a smattering of other things about home, and just some Canadiana in general that I’m pining for right now though:

Tim Horton’s – Yup, I’m that Canadian.  While the coffee here in Australia is superb – every cup is seriously a masterpiece –  I can’t help buy crave the familiar taste of a Timmie’s Regular (not a Double-Double girl myself, too sweet).  Missing Roll up the Rim to Win seriously upped the ante here.

The Leslieville Diner – Who doesn’t love breakfast? I’ve had a few fabulous morning and brunch style meals here, but there is something to be said for your neighbourhood Greasy Spoon and I LOVE the Leslieville Diner.  Not only do they have bottomless coffee (oh, percolated coffee – how I miss your sub par quality and watered down ways) and delicious hash browns, but they provide a large squeezy bottles of hot sauce!  There is also a retro and quirky charm to the place, like the ‘reserved’ signs that are constantly present on the window tables, but don’t seem to mean anything and the fact that they remain a cash only business.

Accents – Specifically less Australian ones.  Don’t get me wrong, the Australian accent is among my favourites – but hearing it too much is ruining it for me.  I want to still swoon every time I hear an Aussie accent like I used too!  Also, having been told by a waiter recently that I have a strong accent (really??) I’m looking forward to hearing ‘Eh‘, ‘Aboot‘ and ‘Hoouse’ in everyday conversation.  While I will never admit that we actually say aboot(because we don’t), I’m acutely aware now of some of the nuances of our accent and I miss hearing it.

Bagels – Seriously.  I don’t even eat that many, but why don’t they have any here?  I found a place called Brown’s Bagels in Melbourne that did, in fact, have bagels – but they weren’t quite right.  Neither the doughiness of the bagel itself nor the herbiness of the cream cheese were on target.  Also, they didn’t have an Everything variety. (see: Tim Horton’s)

Toronto – The city itself, and everything it contains.  The Shopping. The vile, but necessary, TTC.  The Dining. The Venues. The embarrassment of our wretched Mayor. The oh-so-iconic CN Tower. The Neighbourhoods.  The East vs West Rivalry (East!). The People.    I think I feel the same way as Carrie Bradshaw did about New York – and I miss it in my life.



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5 responses to “O Canada

  1. Kat

    Wow, Canadians are a homogenous bunch. OK maybe I should rephrase that to say the two of us, I can’t speak for the 36 million minus two others. I am 100% in agreement of so much of this post.

    The joy of missing home – check! Timmy’s – I’d seriously get nervous ordering coffee in Oz, it was so complicated, flat? white? i don’t know, I want a medium! my roommate teased me aboot aboot. We don’t say that!! You should’ve heard her impression of how i say toronto. And I’m STILL recovering from my year-long bagel withdrawal.

    And Heinz…whenever I’d eat out I was tempted to smuggle my own bottle in. Tomato sauce is not proper ketchup!

    But Australia rocks and I miss that place like you wouldn’t believe.

  2. Jessica

    I couldn’t live without bagels. 😦
    Mmm…. Timmy’s jalapeño and/or cheese bagels!!
    I guess I’ll have one tomorrow. I’ll think of you….

  3. To make you feel better, I’ve only got “play agains” and a lot of caffeine jitters.

    Can’t wait to shop, go for brunch, and stare at our magnificent city while you recount every single detail of you being away!

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