Extra Pickles, Please.

I distinctly remember the moment I decided I loved pickles.  It was probably the most agreeable moment of my life, and I’m definitely not generally characterized as being ‘agreeable’.  I was in the neighbourhood of 7-9 years old (I remember the details of the scenario, not the date – mmkay?), my Father asked me if I wanted a pickle and responded with something snotty like “No! I don’t like pickles!” which is pretty much what I said about anything I didn’t want to try.  Instead of my Father using one of his charateristic threats like “I’ll rub it in your hair” he just explained that he genuinely thought I would enjoy pickles if I gave them a chance.  Given my life-long penchant for all things salt and vinegar related – he wasn’t really reaching here.

My father then took the jar out of the fridge, removed a pickle and carefully quartered it.  I thought it looked vile, and smelled really weird.  Needless to say, something about my Father’s approach made me react differently to the item on offer.  Shockingly, I’m usually known to be stubborn – which is pretty much why I’m certain the ‘rub it in your hair’ threat was empty, as I’m sure I would have downright refused things on most days and I have no memories of rinsing any uneaten meals out of my hair.  That day, however, I carefully investigated the quartered pickle, picked it up and took a hesistant bite.  To my Father’s delight, I quickly finished the rest of the quarters and discovered my love for gherkins.  My Father and I ended up sitting there and polishing off the entire jar.

Ever since that day, anytime I order anything that can come with pickles, I order it with extra.  In the fast food world, “extra pickles” is normally met with a single extra slice on my burger.  I always know how many pickles I’m given on a burger since I think they are too good to waste, and open up my burgers to enjoy them first and separately.  Its a habit I can’t break.

Since arriving in Sydney last November, and again this January, I have been eating a large amount of Subway sandwhiches for lunch.  Given that the other nearby options are plentiful but either busy or wholly unhealthy, subway seems like a safe bet.  Regardless of what type of sub I order (although, its Pizza like 90% of the time), I always ask for extra pickles when they are topping my sub.  A solid 100% of the time I have had to ask for more pickles after I find the first layer to be insufficient.  Until today.

I’m not sure if I’ve just beaten this particular Sandwhich Artist into submission with my constant repitition of “Can I have some more pickles, please?” or if she was just trying to be funny – but after a single uttering of extra pickles today, this is the sandwhich I received:

Would you like some sandwhich with your pickles?



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2 responses to “Extra Pickles, Please.

  1. Peggy

    be careful what you ask (wish) for!

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