Best Laid Plans

This past weekend was Mardi Gras in Sydney – not to be confused with the New Orleans event, but more of Sydney’s version of Toronto’s Pride festival.  Given my reputation as a ‘fruit fly’ I was obviously going to attend, and thrilled when Vic decided to head up from Melbourne for the weekend.

I absolutely love Pride weekend in Toronto (tons of old and new friends + beer gardens, what is there not to love?), but I’ve shamefully never even once seen the Parade.  I normally blame this on my physical state by the time the parade rolls around on the Sunday, plus the fact that I’ve already provided the LGBT community with my share of support (and a large percentage of what I hope is still a functioning liver).  The Mardi Gras parade is handled a bit different, both because its at night, as well as being on the Saturday – not the Sunday.  I was finally going to see the Parade (cue Margaret Cho’s infamous line “Where’s my parade??”).

Anywho, Vic and I determined that since he arrived early in the day and the parade wasn’t until the evening we would attempt Sustained Drinkingfrom about midday, until the parade and then just continue through the night at the Mardi Gras party.  Excellent plan, in theory.  I had prepared a bit for the weekend and stocked up on two 750mls of Smirnoff, assuming this would get us through the day, as well as several cans of V (Australia’s version of Red Bull, not Vampire Blood for any True Blood fans out there). We cracked into our drinks around noon and started to enjoy the day.

From a collection scattered memories, as well as evidence found the next day – the daylight portion of our day went something like this:

  • Had a few drinks while trying to track down tickets for the party
  • Headed out to Hungry Jack’s (read: Burger King) for lunch
  • Back to the apartment for more beverages and ticket hunting
  • Tracked down some tickets and went to pick them up – not entirely sure where we went or how the transaction occurred
  • Had dinner along the way (took much coaching for me to remember this part), ended up with leftovers that don’t look familiar to either of us
  • Ended up back at the apartment, with 2 more bottles of vodka (where these came from, and why we thought they were necessary is beyond me)
  • At some point, embarked on an impromptu nap

Now, up until that last point, I thought the day was going pretty well.  It was absolutely miserable, raining and gross in Sydney and we’d found a way to entertain ourselves.  Unfortunately though, the nap did occur.  Nap might not actually be the best term (pass out comes to mind), but I’m sticking with Nap for now.

I awoke on the couch, with Vic curled up on a nearby chair – generally confused about what was going on.  I checked my phone and realized it was 2am! We had missed the parade AND Kylie Minogue’s performance at the party – whoops.  I quickly woke up an equally confused Vic and we ran for the door.  Thanks to our day time celebrating, we were still very much in the party spirit and well aware that this particular party doesn’t wrap up until well into Sunday.

We managed to have an excellent time at the party, spending most of it outside chatting with new people and playing the best game of ‘Man or Woman?’ I’ve ever experienced.  Thanks to our likely 6ish hour nap, were able to get our money’s worth out of the tickets and arrived back at my apartment well after the sun had come up, with piping hot meat pies in hand.

Despite the major FAIL of napping (still undecided if this was a conscious decision of ours or an accident) and missing out on some of the festivities, it was still an excellent weekend!  I also think that the sustained drinking concept didn’t really fail us, we just maybe took it a bit far 🙂

“The best laid schemes of mice and men Go often askew”  

To a Mouse, Robert Burns (translation via Wikipeida)


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