Wardrobe Malfunction

While trying to make the most of my one free day in Western Australia, I decided to take myself on a sunny stroll to the markets in Fremantle. I threw on a pretty new sun dress and made for the train. Upon arriving in Fremantle I followed the crowds along a busy street, enjoying the sites and sounds of summer. As I was wandering along, at an otherwise banal moment, I felt the button pop off the back of my dress and the top loosen around me. Panic.

I scrambled to find the button in the crowd and assess the severity of the situation. In the realm of wardrobe malfunctions, this was minor at best – whew. My dress zips up to my mid back and then has an opening (who’s a sexy kitty?) above which a button holds the two triangular pieces coming from the upper sides of the dress.

After surveying the damage I gave myself a mental high five for having decided to wear a strapless bra under my dress. I awkwardly reached around and tucked the now loose pieces under the band of my bra and I was back in business. Without the assistance of my bra I would have had to pin my arms to my side to prevent the top of my dress from billowing and potentially falling off – still manageable but definitely would have put a (sweaty) dent in my plans.

As I wandered down the street, beeming with pride at my innovative outfit troubleshooting, a thought occurred to me: When are you too old to congratulate yourself for having the forethought to wear undergarments?




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4 responses to “Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. “When are you too old to congratulate yourself for having the forethought to wear undergarments?” <– I'm cracking up about this. Uh, so true! I have way too many "I'm so glad I thought to wear ___ under this shirt today!" moments. How old am I, again?

    But I have to add that's a lovely dress! The open back is divine!

    • Haha it’s embarrassingly true how often I pride myself on my decision to wear some sort of under layer 🙂

      I do love the dress though – Moreso with the button attached though!

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