This is Gold Class


Forget my first semi-failed attempt to take myself to the movies solo – I’ve discovered a much better viewing option that I’m almost to selfish to share: Event Cinemas Gold Class.

I’m currently lying in repose in my GIANT recliner, enjoying a beer and waiting for my movie to start. For a ticket price just about double the already expensive movie experience in Oz you gain access to:

• A lounge and bar area for Gold Class patrons only
• Private bathrooms
• A thorough menu complete with a full liquor selection and higher end food choices along with the usual popcorn options
• Food and beverage service delivered to your seat in the theatre at predefined intervals
• A reclining seat that rivals the best Lazy Boy I’ve ever seen, joined only with one other seat and a shared table

As the previews begin, I’m enjoying my beer, excited for the movie and eagerly awaiting the delivery of my pulled pork sliders!

I guess the real question is, if the movie theatre starts to sink – will the Gold Class passengers be saved first?




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7 responses to “This is Gold Class

  1. I love Gold Class! The best way to see movies. Especially any movie over 2 hours.

  2. Kat

    I told my mom about this when I was living in Oz and she said I could pay her half the price of the ticket and she’d set up the same thing in her living room. lol

    So what movie did you see?

  3. There’s nothing wrong with eye candy.. you mean Reese Witherspoon right? I find that if you’re not going to see a bad movie (say Transformers 3 – ahhrrghh), be comfortable.

  4. Oh la la la… I like the solo movie experience.. you did it Fancy Nancy style!

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