Taking Care of Business

It’s only Wednesday evening here in Oz yet I’ve already clocked more than 40 hours at the office this week. Thankfully, my job normally involves a healthy balance of work and life commitments – which is awesome, because I would honestly not survive on this schedule long term.

The Gym or any exercise for that matter seems completely unfeasible this week

Nutrition Linked closely to item 1, I can not tell you how badly I DONT want salad right now – preference currently being Beer, Salty French fries and “lollies” (aka all variety of sugary treats we are bribing our session participants with)

Human Contact outside of office hours? Why bother. I’m zeroing in on Hermit status this week

Variety some say it’s the spice of life – this week I just say it involves too much unnecessary thinking

Thusly, the 2-3 hours I have to myself this week involve pretty much everything you see here: Tv, Beer and the Room Service I’m waiting for


At this rate I’m going to arrive home fat, antisocial and lazy. Things are looking up though, was only at the office for ten hours today AND had a massage on the way home!



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3 responses to “Taking Care of Business

  1. Jessica

    It’s nothing a little Phil dunphy can’t fix! My favorite character!!’!!

  2. You are getting a few badges on the life sash right now. You are going to come back with “a how can you even imagine it bigger” back bone.xo

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