Cold Feet

I took a pretty big step yesterday.  Into the shark infested waters of Australia.

Happy to report I made it out alive 🙂


Filed under Funny Ha-Ha, Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

7 responses to “Cold Feet

  1. Kat

    Do you mean to say you haven’t gone in until now?? This photo made me laugh…big toe is IN!!

    Also the fashion blogger in me wants to comment on the bangin’ combination of B&W stripes, pink toe polish and a cool-looking necklace.

    • Haha yup, I’m not a big swimmer especially when I’m fairly certain I’ll be eaten by a shark 🙂

      As for the fashion – thanks 😉 I actually spotted the necklace on Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits and hunted down a copy 🙂

  2. Black and white stripes for the win! They say, “Don’t mess with me, sharks!”

  3. Seen any “white pointers?” hehehehe

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