Trouble in the Fitting Room

Tour Poster I spotted in Sydney back in November

Have you have stood quietly in a Fitting Room, consoling yourself, and boiling in rage?  Nope, neither have I – but I came close to it today.  And no, this isn’t some ‘but the dress didn’t fit me’ drama, because it did fit and it was fabulous but I couldn’t very well keep shopping in that frame of mind (and, well, it was $150 and I’m cheap).

It happened earlier this evening – due to some tight deadlines I’m facing, I’m knowingly going to be spending my weekend (or at least parts of it) of it at the office, so I decided to take myself shopping to cheer up (as if I needed a reason).  I was checking out an Australian chain store Sportsgirl and after poking around for a bit I found something to try on.  Okay, several things.

While I was admiring myself in the mirror in my fitting room stall, I overheard two girls chatting.  At first I wasn’t really paying attention because most of the conversation seemed to involve “And she was like, and then I was like, but he’s so like, but like whatever” and wasn’t really grabbing my attention.  As I continued to admire the pretty dress I had no intention of buying, one of the girls said:

“They totally should have played first last night, you know like, those John and Oates guys, because like they were totally lame”

I was instantly at attention, and my hackles were up – was this mouthy little tramp complaining about Hall & Oates? Whoa, I can’t go for that – no can do.  Normally, I wouldn’t have been able to decipher that garbled sentence that quickly, but I happened to be sadly aware that my beloved Hall and Oates were on tour in Australia and I would be missing out on the show.  Also, I can neither confirm nor deny that the perpetrator was a tramp.  But she did sound like a little maneater.

Anywho, I didn’t move a muscle and actually cupped my ear so that I could hear as best as possible.  Not sure why I felt like hiding was necessary, its not like they could see me, but just go with me on this.  Next up I heard:

“I know, right? It was way too singer songwriter I was practically falling asleep.  I’m pretty sure I only recognized one song, and it was terrible.”

I. Almost. Passed. Out.  First of all, Singer/Songwriter? Not as if that is even an insult, but get your facts straight – Hall  & Oates are hardly the artsy or folksy type normally associated with that moniker. How out of touch can you be?  Secondly, how in the world do you fall asleep to this, I ask you?

My Final point being, why were they there in the first place?  Hall  & Oates are touring with Icehouse (ya, I haven’t heard of them either) which is some Australian band from the same era.  I use the word Era because Hall & Oates’ heyday was in the 70s and 80s which, frankly, makes me a bit too young to be a fan, but that’s not the point.  Seriously though, maybe they were Icehouse fans for the same reason H&O are littered throughout my top 25 most played on iTunes – because they’re rad and I love them – and what kind of rich girl only buys tickets to the opening act?  That doesn’t, however, add any logic to their argument because 1. I repeat, who is Icehouse? and 2. Hall & Oates forever.

I rest my case.


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One response to “Trouble in the Fitting Room

  1. We are getting old, hating on 21 year olds…. and I love it.
    I can’t wait until we’re older and actually begin to slap those b*tches

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