Here Comes the Sun

Alright, I know I’ve been bagging on Australia and the poor excuse for a Southern Hemisphere summer I’ve been experiencing so far – BUT, one trip to Melbourne turned it all around!  The forecast looked amazing and didn’t disappoint, sunny skies and hot to scorching temperatures.

I joined my friend Vic in his hometown for an Authentic Australia Day BBQ (sadly, no shrimp on said Bar-Bee).  We spent the whole afternoon around the pool in the glorious sunlight, lapping up the summer rays and guzzling beverages of choice (point if you immediately thought beer for Nancy).  The afternoon was capped with a plethora of barbecued meats including Lamb, Beef, and various Sausages.  I even tried a Sausage wrapped in a piece of bread, apparently an Aussie delight.

I also saw a spider that could easily be confused with a mouse.

Sydney even decided it up its game and delighted me with a half day of Sunlight when I returned – things are looking up!



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2 responses to “Here Comes the Sun

  1. did you happen to get a picture of the spider? or capture your scream? I hope no one was driving.

    • Haha.. that would have been very bad for anyone nearby if I’d seen that particular arachnid in a car!! However, Vic knew it was in the house and pointed it out to me – no screaming involved.

      Although I did check on it like every five minutes 😉

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