This is my Brain on Math

I’ve discovered that sitting through a two hour meeting with an Actuary in the late afternoon isn’t the best for my psyche. Actuaries are statistical geniuses, and are the back bone of the Insurance industry (shhh.. Don’t tell the Underwriters) – unfortunately though, they relate mostly with numbers.

While the meeting wasn’t a total bust (I actually learned a little, I think), but I left the room slightly confused, with a novels worth of illegible notes (apparently my handwriting decreases in clarity along with with my comfort with the subject matter), and a searing headache.

I pounded some Advil, quickly summarized my notes and fled the office in search of solace (read: alcohol). Hopefully math will agree with me in the AM, tomorrow’s another day.




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2 responses to “This is my Brain on Math

  1. Those kinds of meetings required lots and lots of doodles, highlighters, and multi colour pens….
    You poor baby, however, I like your advil choice!

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