Mother Nature is a Bitch

Seriously? I realize no one back home is going to really sympathize with me here, but what’s going on with the weather?! I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to skip out on the Great White North during the dark days of winter, but Mother Nature seems to be playing a practical joke on me:

This is what an Australian Summer looks like??

Granted, 20+ is still 20+, but it should easily be in the 30s and sunny – its has rained on every single one of my days off except the day I landed in a jet lagged fog.

To add insult to injury, it’s above zero all week in Toronto. At the end of January. Really?

This looks like November.. not the end of January.

Then again, I’m in Australia, relaxing in my chic downtown pad and enjoying a fabulous glass of wine – things could be worse.





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3 responses to “Mother Nature is a Bitch

  1. Let me tell ya, it is still cold.
    It has been relatively breezy here.. but then again, I too will be missing from TO during the absolute worst months of February!!!!!!

    23 plus = touristy things in the afternoons while walking around… otherwise far too hot to accomplish anything.. so long type B Nancy.

    • “still cold” is likely right, but it should be colder! I should be able to feel much more smug than I do right now (such an ass, I know).

      High five for us for mostly missing February!!

      Type B Nancy is still alive and well 🙂 The biggest thing I did this week either than hit the gym was get a mani/pedi!

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