To Korean, with Love

Thanks to my newest tech gadget acquisition, I was reminded of why we nicknamed my roommate ‘Korean’. Generally, calling him this is met with raised eyebrows and near-visible cartoon question marks looming above heads – because Korean is about as white as they come, with a side of Ginger 🙂

Love you Korean.  Don’t miss you at all though, T9.

Wonder if any sleuths will deduce his real name!



Filed under Funny Ha-Ha, Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

2 responses to “To Korean, with Love

  1. Korean

    Awwwww. Miss you too!! Xoxox

    • 🙂 See.. I do blog about you!

      I guess I could write about how Tigger got his nickname, or moreover who gave it to him, or what industry he worked in at the time – or blog about how we were at Fran’s one night and someone asked if he was Tigger and you and I started laughing:) I think thats the night that all three of us fell asleep at the table waiting for our meals to arrive!

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