Possessed: A Haunting in Two Acts

Would be SO much cuter if this was my problem

I think I’ve mentioned that this temporary stay in Australia counts as my first real experience living alone, right? Anywho, I’ve been pretty jazzed about the experience since I think it’s important for women to know how to completely be on their own. The first week and a half went by swimmingly, I was really enjoying the extended independence.

Unfortunately, my new (albeit temporary) home, had other ideas. I had issues with the dishwasher as soon as I moved in, so I decided it was an unnecessary aspect in my life. Once the maintenance team came by to fix it (meaning I could properly close it), I figured I’d just never interact with it again – I mean really, I’m one person, the dishes are extremely reasonable. I pretty much didn’t even remember it was there – until Saturday morning at about 8am (when I was soundly asleep) and it decided to turn itself on and go into some variety of error mode that involves lots of beeping and whirring noises.

Evil Room of the Beep and Whirrrrrr

That was fun for about twenty minutes. I tried everything – including several different combinations of holding buttons. Nothing worked, so I googled the brand along with “F1” error which was flashing on the display. Apparently this meant a water leak, which I promptly reported to the front desk. Approximately ten hours and a Comedy of Errors later, the solution was to just unplug the damn thing. Problem, and irritatingly inescapable noises, solved.

Or so I thought.

After one day of solace, I laid my head to rest with thoughts of uninterrupted sleep in my head (sadly, not sugar plumbs). Somewhere prior to morning I awoke to a very strange, high pitch noise that sounded like maybe the air conditioner was dying. I looked at the clock, decided it was too early to care, shoved a pillow over my head and went back to sleep.  I woke up to my alarm, along with a seemingly louder mysterious noise. I ignored it and went to work, slightly irritated with the disturbance. By the time I made it home that night, I’d almost completely forgotten about “the sound” – but it made itself VERY apparent when I entered the bedroom.  I’ve mentioned previously that I have an alarming ability to sleep well in almost any circumstance – clearly, this was an exception. For the next three nights my sleep became increasingly strained and interrupted, and my waking hours saw much more twitchiness than usual.

Evil Alien Crickets destroyed my Fortress of Solitude

“The sound”, which I liken to something akin to an alien cricket, kept getting louder and both its impossible to pinpoint location (seemingly the window valence) and its completely unknown source (animal or machine?) were becoming the bane of my existence.  I finally gave in and arranged to switch rooms within the building this afternoon.  After frowning my way through packing up my superfluous quantity of stuff and trudging it all to my new room (ask for help? way too stubborn for that), I was delighted to discover I had traded up.  Not only was my new apartment bigger, with a better view and increased quality and size of all appliances – it mercifully didn’t seem to possess any peculiar high pitch noises.  Score!

Well, at least fingers crossed this place is a larger success – now that I’ve completely nested into home number two, I don’t think I’m willing to go through this routine again!  Also, between the various noises I keep reporting to the front desk, and my general spazziness because of them, I’m pretty sure the staff here think its me that’s possessed – not the room.



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6 responses to “Possessed: A Haunting in Two Acts

  1. Those damn evil alien crickets! Nasty little suckers…

    The one time I ignored the loud snap, pop, and electrical smell in the middle of the night, it turned out to be my hot water heater going out. Turns out the same thing happened to someone only a few days before, mere hours away, and their entire house burned down. Needless to say, when I hear a strange noise, it’s very hard for to ignore it these days…

    • AH! That’s a much scarier reason to be afraid of late night noises. Usually I’m just worried about the axe murderers that I assume rome the streets at night. Not sure I’d hear our water heater though, its two floors down!

  2. I once woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of the toilet flushing — which wouldn’t have been so bad, except for the fact that I was alone in the house. It turned out to be my cat.

  3. This happened to me with the microwave at my new place. IT sounded like there was someone pressing the buttons.
    AND, I can say, new apartments CAN be haunted. I saw my first ghost in one!
    Sounds like he’s a nice casper though!

    Glad you have such a stylish abode to entertain good looking aussie gentlemen

    • I totally remember you telling me about the microwave! That would definitely freak me out!

      I was home alone once looking after the pups in Small Town, while my parents were on vacation. I was watching TV in their room with both pups and all of a sudden the timer went off in the kitchen – the one papa bear uses all the time when he’s deep frying or BBQing. I was super freaked out and was fairly certain that someone was waiting in the Kitchen to kill me as soon as I went to stop the beeping. Obviously, the timer could have been set for hours accidentally and was slowly counting down the whole time I was there.

      Needless to say, I sent Jasper in to investigate first. I’m evil!

      You’re totally right – I need to find some Aussie gentlemen to entertain now that I have the venue in which to do so 😉

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