David Jones Foodhall

David Jones is a department store in Australia, supposedly of the higher end nature. I scoped out the store when I was here in November, and honestly, I wasn’t impressed. The downtown Sydney location close to my office felt like an old version of The Bay (a similar Canadian retailer) in desperate need of a makeover. However, thanks to a co-workers tip this afternoon, I gave it another shot – and I’m glad I did!

Actually, my opinions still stand about the store’s lackluster visage- at least about the parts I’d seen before. Armed with some updated information I charge into the store and headed straight for the escalator – DOWN, to the glorious Foodhall! I was greeted with:

• Gorgeous high end meat, cheese and seafood counters
• A beautiful patisserie – complete with a macaroon display
• A phenomenal looking delicatessen
• Boutique style restaurants – think Champagne and Oyster bar
• A ridiculous grocery section stocked with gourmet spreads and marinades along with overpriced typical grocery fare
• A ‘bottle shop’ with adjoining wine bar

Needless to say, I was impressed. I spent some time window shopping at the various counters, and through the grocery section – gawking at the prices along the way. Australia is already expensive, and this was just ridiculous!

I did manage to find a few necessities along the way, including a SIX DOLLAR bottle of Frank’s Red hot. I was helpless, it had to be mine.

I put that $hit on everything!

My visit to the bottle shop, which was the entire purpose of my trip, was also a success.  Earlier this afternoon, I had run into a coworker at the office who was grasping onto several bags that were making curious clinking sounds. When I enquired, I was instructed to locate the David Jones Foodhall.

Turns out, this particular Bottle Shop was hosting a sale on wine – or should I say bulk wine purchases. For a limited time, when you purchase four or more bottles of any wine or champagne in a single transaction you receive 35% off your whole order. I know! Wine sale! Does this even happen in Ontario? I feel like it definitely doesn’t.

Anywho, I had purchased myself of box of Red wine last week – and have been trying my hardest to enjoy it. However, as soon as I heard about the sale I knew my boxed plonk was being relegated to cooking use only. After a brief perusal, I trudged home with this spread:

So my opinion of David Jones (at least parts of it) has been salvaged.

Oh, one completely out of place item I noticed during my trek – and definitely didn’t splurge on: Baconnaise “The Ultimate Bacon Flavoured Spread”

Ya, this exists.



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4 responses to “David Jones Foodhall

  1. Bacon flavoured spread? Why! In no way is that right.

  2. It was seeing the word “Lite” on the label that made me snort with laughter…

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