Good Idea/Bad Idea

I’ve mentioned before that I have a slight issue with keeping track of my belongings, mostly this refers to items of a communicative nature – in short, I’ve lost somewhere in the neighbourhood of six cell phones and had one disappear thanks to someone’s sticky fingers.

Since July, I’ve been a source of humour for many (and possibly the subject of several gambling pools) thanks to my acquisition of a second cell phone.  Due to my love of my iPhone and my refusal to port my personal cell number onto a corporate device, I became the proud owner of a Blackberry Torch.  Unfortunately, this particular device was the subject of the aforementioned disappearance – lucky me though, it was replaced within a few days (grrreat).

If it wasn’t bad enough that I now was responsible for two Smart phones – I’ve decided to add another to the bunch.  Now that I’m in the Southern Hemisphere until  the spring, I’ve decided to save myself the heartache (and the unfortunate bills) and have picked up a pre-paid mobile to use for texting/calling in Oz.  Hilariously, this new phone is likely the lowest on the technology totem pole I have ever reached, minus maybe the green and black screened Nokia that I only used to play snake.

So now I’m the proud owner of three separate cellphones – and through them can be reached by three phone numbers, two email accounts and countless messaging applications.

Any guesses on how long before I post about losing one?  Bonus points if you guess which one!

3 peas in a pod, right?

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