As I get older, my opportunity to experience “firsts” seems to be dwindling by the day – partially because I’m well traveled and have lived a busy life, and partially because I’m too chicken shit to try new things ๐Ÿ˜‰ As I’m currently on a solo placement in Australia until the spring, I plan to seek out some firsts to add to my repertoire of experiences and life lessons.

Tonight I took a baby step towards this goal and went out to the movies – by myself. Now, going to a movie by yourself doesn’t seem too wild, but I’d never tried it before so off I went.


There are lots of things I can happily do alone -dining at restaurants, shopping, touristy outings – however, going to a movie alone was more difficult than I’d imagined, and I had knots in my stomach over the silliest things:

  • While ordering my ticket, having ย the agent ask me if I would be sitting with someone and wanted to pick my seat, or if I just wanted to be assigned a seat – and having to admit I was alone
  • As the theatre wasn’t yet ready (I was only 10 minutes early, come on!) I had to linger in the hallway nervously eating my popcorn, an pacing
  • Knowingly was paranoid, but felt like EVERYONE (in a fairly empty theatre) was watching me
  • Felt crazy every time I laughed at the movie – it’s the crazies that laugh on their own right?
  • I appeared to be the only person assigned to a seat next to another group – and I was irritatingly paired with a couple that spent the whole movie either talking or making out
  • I felt very alone at the end of the movie as everyone filed out of the theatre happily chatting with eachother

The truth is, it wasn’t terrible – but I didn’t enjoy it either. There were actually a few other singles in the theatre but that didn’t do much to alleviate my awkwardness. Considering you spend the majority of a theatre trip in silence, my dislike of the solo experience was a bit surprising to me – I may have to try it again!

Fortunately, I had a delightful realization when I returned to my apartment this evening:

My apartment.

While this may only be my living arrangement for the next 75 days or so, it’s really the first time I’ve ever lived alone.

Ta dah! Another first ๐Ÿ™‚



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8 responses to “Firsts

  1. Tayyaba Akhtar

    if you don’t mind me asking, what is ur profession? i mean what kind of work are u on in Australia?

    • I don’t mind giving you a vague idea ๐Ÿ™‚ I work in insurance, as a Project Manager – but my purpose here in Oz is more from a deployment and training perspective. I don’t usually get to travel for work though!

  2. okay, so,
    recommendation… you have to go and see a movie that only you would like.
    Totally socially acceptable to go and see… like the hunger games alone when it comes out… or some embarrassing RomCom.
    Then you can say, “oh, I was the only one who wanted to go.”

    I once went to the movies alone. I decided I would go late, and miss the previews to avoid any awkwardness. I even decided to bring a can of diet coke and some candy from home to be cheap.

    Well, I walked in and the place was PACKED. I felt like the entire audience was watching me push past people in the front to get my seat.

    Then…. I had to open my can of coke.

    • Ya.. I toyed with going later, but that would have made me even more anxious. ME? Late for something?? ๐Ÿ™‚

      I might buy my ticket online next time and pick my own aisle seat, so I can nip in after the commercials startand just take my seat! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  3. Wait, so they assign seats at the movie theaters in Australia?! I had no idea.

    Love the post! So, so true for that first loner theater experience. That being said, I have become a huge, huge fan of seeing movies by myself. After you get over the whole first time awkwardness thing (not that much different than dating! or sex!) it’s awesome. I recommend a weekend morning as the theater is typically less crowded and it’s easier to enjoy the movie. Plus, you can dress up for movies and own the eccentric-ness of it. I believe I brought tea in a Thermos and dressed in my coat with capelet when I sent to see the Sherlock Holmes movie. It felt very apropro and it was awesome.

    • Ooh.. dressing up for the movies (and doing so on a weekend matinee) sounds awesome. Maybe I’ll dye my hair black, get a bunch of tattoos and piercings and wear leather and combat boots when I see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (not yet out here)!

      I probably shouldn’t state that they assign seats in ALL movie theatres in Australia, based on the fact that I’ve been to one movie at one particular theatre.. I’ll have to do more investigation! They also have something called Gold Class which seems simliar to Cineplex’s VIP – the tickets are like 35 bucks (ok reg tixs are 18.50!! holy hell this place is expensive) and you get a small theatre with large reclining seats, waiter service and a fancy pants menu. Might also be the way to roll if I want to see something the first night it comes out ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Well geesh, now I have to get GWTDT out of my TBR pile so I can have fun with that outfit! I’ll skip the tat but combat boots sound doable! First I steal the wee hour shower lingo and now the outfit. I like your style!

        They have those VIP type of theaters around here but I’ve never been. However, I know someone who nannies for a very wealthy family and that’s the only thing the kids know. As in, I don’t think they’ve been to a regular theater. Boy are they in for a wake up call…

      • Well the feeling is mutual – Anyone willing to write about THDT (and call it that) is on my must read list ๐Ÿ™‚

        Yup, I may skip the tattoos as well, but feeling like gothing out for GWTDT would be excellent fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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