Simple Pleasures

First of all, Hello New Friends!! Apparently posting about celebrities will get you a lot of first (and likely one time) hits, and I’m going to milk this for a least one more day πŸ˜‰

To spare those of you who are uninterested in any non-Jared related info, here’s the breakdown of our brief dalliance:

β€’ It was definitely him
β€’ He’s grown into a handsome man from that cute teen I remember in Gilmore Girls
β€’ Unfortunately he deplaned in Vancouver and was replaced with a very obnoxious toddler for the remainder of my trip. FAIL
β€’ He was overly gracious and friendly with staff and passengers, despite no one overtly pointing out his celebrity status
β€’ Jared entertained himself by reading (a large and possibly travel adverse hard cover book), working on something while taking notes (a script, perhaps) and sleeping
β€’ He took the toque off eventually and spent an unusually large amount of time running his fingers through his hair – I think his bangs aren’t meant for reading (blockage of optics, you know)
β€’ He was traveling with a pretty brunette (thanks to comments, I believe this was his pregnant wife)
β€’ I had zero communication with him, either than mutually laughing at a chair malfunction that happened to Ugg Girl
β€’ I was hyperbolizing when I used the term “dalliance” above, but it’s a great word so I’m not apologizing

So pretty much nothing unusual happened πŸ™‚

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Ooooh! SOCKS!


Forget the free booze, extra legroom and decent meals – the thing I love most about traveling in business class is the comfy socks you get in your amenity kit!

Simple things amuse simple minds.



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8 responses to “Simple Pleasures

  1. Jayne

    Ugh, toddlers on planes. There ought to be a law against that. *grins* Anyway, just dropping back in to thank you so much for replying all us Jared fans and letting us live a little vicariously through your good fortune. Hope the rest of your trip went well (except for the toddler of course) and that you got settled safely in Sydney and excuse the nosiness, but is that home or are you just visiting for business or pleasure? Either way, I’m jealous. I have friends there and I’ve always wanted to see it because I’ve heard how beautiful it is. Anyway thanks again and if you already haven’t done so, when you get a chance take a look at Jared’s show Supernatural. It’s great!

    • Haha.. I just think Toddlers in Business Class is a bit of a waste – but I don’t have kids so I guess I don’t understand the whole process to begin with πŸ™‚

      Toronto is Home, Sydney is for Business. I’ve been here before and its absolutely gorgeous, but I much prefer Melbourne – more friendly and accessible in my opinion! One thing here, everything here is EXPENSIVE!

      Thanks again for reading πŸ™‚

  2. Alicia

    Hi–congrats on your brush with tallness! I wonder, though, if you’d mind not using the photo at the top of the entry; it’s mine (from a 2005–I think–Creation Con). Thanks very much!

  3. Tina Sparkle

    Just stopping by again to express Thanks! for your good Jared watching πŸ™‚ and sharing the details plus photo with us. Hope your trip is awesome. Business class does look comfy, cool socks too! Enjoyed your wit and sense of humor in your blog. Take care!

  4. Ohhhhhhh girl! I am so jealous!

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