Bill and Hank’s Excellent Adventure

I may not have mentioned this before, but my Sister Sandy (aka Hank) is moving across the country from Vancouver to Toronto to shack up with her love, Jean-Jacques-Henri.  Now, no Francis Family move like this would be complete without some variety of shenanigans – and in Sandy’s case, this includes a cross-country drive with our Papa Bear (aka Bill). 

Driving across North America is a feat in and of itself, and also something I’d love to try myself one day.  However the length of the trip alone isn’t the only factor to consider – Having only left Vancouver on Monday evening the pair have only really 5 full days to make it to Small Town, Ontario for Christmas, where Peggy and I will be waiting (probably impatiently) with open arms.  Considering the distance involved, they definitely have enough time – as long as they don’t hit weather, construction, stray animals or spend too long at the many tourist attractions along the way.

Throughout the journey, Sandy has been keeping me updated on their progress (after my failed attempt at waking them up pre-6am).  One particularly amusing note came through yesterday afternoon while they were on the road: “Gillette, Wyoming…. Where god and the republicans clearly reign. No beer at gas stations!!! Help!!! ” Personally, I feel for the citizens of Gillette with those two on their road!

As of Wednesday PM they had made it all the way to Murdo, South Dakota – which, according to Sandy, is a ‘time warp’.  So I went ahead and Google Imaged the town, and I shit you not, this is one of the first photos that came up:

Time Warp? Check.

From my guesstimations (and my obsessive tracking on Google Maps), I think they’re over halfway through their adventure which means they’re in the sweet spot for making it home in time for the Holidays – which is good news for everyone.  Peggy has been holding fort solo since last Thursday evening and is possibly getting Cabin fever.  I will be arriving home for the Holidays tomorrow night, and I fear that if they don’t make it home for Christmas I may become collateral damage.

Have fun you two, and while I realize that T. S. Eliot remarked that its ‘The journey, not the arrival that matters‘ – ignore him, and hurry home!

Progress thus far (FYI - that white thing is the car)


The Whole Shebang


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  1. Nothing clears the mind or frees the heart like a cross-country roadtrip.

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