This doesn’t quite make up for missing the Festive Special party at Jillian’s house this year – but at least it brightened my day up!  Today was our annual company ‘Holiday Lunch’, and they served up the much loved Festive Special from Swiss Chalet.

While it was delicious as always, I was sad to not enjoy the additional 12 ounces of Chalet sauce that I would normally order.   However, the Company did toss in Cupcakes as well, which may have been overkill considering the Lindt chocolates that are already provided with the meal.

Dirty Bird, Swiss Pigeon, Shit Chalet, whatever you call it – its Festive to me!

I know I know, I didn’t finish my chicken.  But REALLY, how are you supposed to eat all of that chicky with that tiny little thing of sauce?  It just isn’t possible.



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One response to “Carnage

  1. …gasp… I’ve only started dipping my fries in the sauce. I have NEVER liked the sauce!
    I really need your blog to be emailed to me again, I am always so late on your posts! Dont hate me!

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