Runs in the Family

Get it? A family that drinks together...

I received this humorous little note from my sister Sandy this morning, and with her permission I am sharing it with you:



Subject: Reasons not to go out on a monday night

lost my blackberry. threw up IN the cambie. BUT i hit my year’s plan… . will let you know when i have a new phone. i must be related to nancy. i’m really looking forward to my float plane ride to nanaimo in half an hour. hopefully i don’t throw up again.

Also to note, Papa Bear lost his cell phone when he was visiting the Big Smoke last week, thankfully though it was found and has since been returned to him.  Guess cell phone preservation issues really do Run in the Family.

Can’t help but feeling a little bit justified for all my failures in this area.



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4 responses to “Runs in the Family

  1. Peggy

    Peggy here, I was out on Monday night as well yet arrived home without losing what I may have ingested and am happy to report (although with trepidation…..) reached our happy home with my iphone, my ipad, my istylus and my keys. So there! Seniors rule!

    • I seem to remember you recently THINKING you’d lost your phone though – but I guess finding it on your desk in the morning erases any fault.

      You’re definitely in more control of your plethora of stuff than the rest of the Francis gang 😉

  2. Maybe Nancy could lose your phone for you peggy?

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