Crazy Eyes

Some would wonder how I manage to hold onto my career when I show up to work looking like this:

Check out those pupils!

The fact that I’m a complete hypochondriac works in my favour sometimes – I’m pretty sure every already assumes I’ve just been to some sort of eye doctor before I even get a chance to tell them about the growth on my Retina.

The best part about going to the Opthalmologist is realizing I have everyone else there beat by at least two decades – wait, is that maybe the worst part? I’m a premature geriatric, this surprises no one.



Filed under Office Antics, Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

2 responses to “Crazy Eyes

  1. Yikes! Someone please get this lady a pair prescription UV sunglasses, STAT!.
    (As someone cursed with ultra-sensitive blues, you gotta baby those peepers. Take care, Nan-Fran.)

    • Ya the daylight was a little offensive that afternoon – but I thought the street lights etc at night were far more baffling! Thanks Punch, I’ll keep an “eye” on my yeux 😉

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