So It Goes…

Kurt Vonnegut famously summed up emotion, and the dismissal of emotion, with these three simple words.

My maternal Grandmother left us yesterday for a far better place.   Unfortunately, the last few years of her life were devoide of quality, but what matters most is that we remember her for the loving and dignified family woman that she was.

She’s in a more peaceful existance now, and I’m sure she’s thrilled to be reunited with her love.

So it goes.



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2 responses to “So It Goes…

  1. I popped by your house in Small Town yesterday. Abysmal bad timing, but I was glad to be able to give Peggy a big hug.

    Sad, and happy to hear she is reunited with her love. It has been a long separation : )

    sorry to hear about your grandma Nancy.

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