Today’s Lesson

Since there was some sort of clusterfuck developing on the Queen Streetcar line this AM, I decided to treat myself to a coffee from my favorite local spot. Sadly, Red Rocket is leaving Leslieville in a few weeks thanks to jerky landlords – so an unexpected visit was a bonus.

I had discovered this past weekend that Red Rocket has the menu item ‘Flat White’, which I became so fond of on my trip to Oz – so I ordered a large. Then began a series of banter between the cashier, the barista (baristo? It was a dude), and myself, during which time I discovered why I’d never heard anyone order a large flat white in North America before: It has SIX shots of espresso!

Clearly I didn’t want to admit to the cool coffee shop kids that I’d made an error, especially since they seemed in awe at my caffeine intake prowess. So here I am, on the streetcar, not even a quarter of the way through and I’m practically vibrating. I’m obviously going to finish the whole damn thing too, six espresso shots makes for an expensive drink!!

This should be interesting.



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3 responses to “Today’s Lesson

  1. Peggy

    Let us know when you crash back to earth!

  2. Oh wow, this place sounds awesome! Can I come over and we go to the coffee shop some time soon?

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