Quite the Pair


As I write this, I am sitting at the airport in Perth waiting for my cousin Blossom to arrive so we can start our Western Australia adventure!  Funny thing is she should be here any minute, at least her plane will be.  Too bad she’s not on it.  Apparently she confused her flight schedule and arrived at that airport too late to catch it.  In a happy twist of fate, she’s been able to grab another flight today, and will be here in about four hours – which is lucky since Broome isn’t exactly a booming metropolis with a high volume of flights to Perth on a daily basis.  I’ve managed to feed myself, watch some shows on my computer, and have now successfully hunted down free WiFi (an extreme rarity in this country) by sitting awkwardly close to Virgin Airlines’ ‘The Lounge’.  I can easily while away the time and we’ll be off in a car and on our way to the smoke filled South West before we know it!

I’m also totally not in the position to be judging right now.  I managed to catch my flight from Melbourne to Sydney last night  by sheer luck, considering I arrived at the airport at 7:55pm for what I thought was a 9pm flight.  Turns out it was an 8:30 flight – which I managed not to notice when I had checked in earlier, confirmed my seat, and printed out my boarding pass.  I had 5 minutes to pay the cab and fly through the airport to check my bag before cut off.  Rookie.

Now that I’ve safely arrived and Bloss is likely heading to the airport (fingers crossed this time), we have bigger concerns on our hands.  The town our hotel is booked from tomorrow until wednesday was just declared a disaster zone because of the bush fires. Things come in threes right?  But can natural disasters and stupidity/absentmindedness be counted on the same hand?

With the way this trip is starting off, it will be interesting to see how we survive!  Off to the Wild West we go!



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4 responses to “Quite the Pair

  1. I smell a night of prairie fire shots!

  2. Perth? I’m jealous… Please post some scenery pics and watch out for those baby-eating dingos I’ve heard about.

  3. just randomly visiting after randomly dropping by your friends blog! lol Nice travel adventures!


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