Questionable Security Practices

20111126-071346.jpg As I prepare to leave a particularly dreary looking Sydney for a bushfire plagued Western Australia – this marks my third time through a domestic terminal on my trip. You want to know what I haven’t been asked for on even one of the three trips? IDENTIFICATION!!!

WTF? Seriously, of all things I expect to be confirmed before boarding an aircraft is that I am who I say I am. In all three cases I’ve checked in online by clicking a button in an email (no further verification required online), and printed my boarding pass. I then have to drop my bags, go through security and then board the plane – all three occasions where they usually prompt you for ID. Not going to lie, by the time thy ask me for my passport when I’m boarding, it usually feels like overkill – but come on, they should probably ask at least at security!

I guess I’m not wildly surprised that the Aussie response to something is more laid back than usual and I should be comforted in knowing they took my precious little gold manicure scissors so that I don’t stab someone while on board.

Update: they also don’t require you to have a boarding pass to go through security. Ummm? What?

Australian Airport Security = just about as confusing as their love for Vegemite.



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2 responses to “Questionable Security Practices

  1. I know!
    Also the liquids rule? no big deal
    I think it takes so much to get in the country, once you’re there????

    • I KNOW! A lady brought an open bottle of wine onto the plane (corked, obviously) and proceeded to drop it out of her bag and it rolled down the aisle. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure a glass wine bottle could be used as a more dangerous weapon than my one inch manicure scissors!!

      Also, fun note – you can’t take fruits or seeds off the airplane, on a domestic flight!

      Crazy backwards Aussies!

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