Foreign Accents

You know how you feel instant charisma emanating from people with amazing accents?  Everyone seems to gravitate towards the sexy Brit in the bar, the charming Aussie, or the romantic Parisian.  I often think, however, that the accent sometimes accounts for 100% of the allure, and have been guilty of actively chatting up people I would otherwise never have noticed if it had not been for the G’day I overheard.  The funny thing is, I never thought it worked the other way around – like with Canadian accents (except for maybe Newfoundlander’s, but they are a whole different breed).   I love listening to people with accents talk non stop, they can be so interesting to just listen too (and to mock relentlessly) – but I never thought that someone would think that about my accent.

I’ve noticed, however, since landing in Australia, that this whole phenomenon must work both ways – and it was a bit ignorant of me to think otherwise.  Whether I’m at an airport bar, or just picking up a sandwich for lunch I’ve noticed that I seem to catch people’s attention – and hold it – very easily.  Not to say that I don’t have the charm alone to reel in some fans, but it has taken shockingly few words out of my yap to garner someone’s full attention.

While I was ordering the aforementioned sandwich today in Melbourne, all three strapping young men working at the little cafe were hanging on my every word as soon as I said ‘I’ll have the Porchetta, please’ and seeming to put great effort into keeping me talking.  I’d happily spend all day talking to these (or any) good looking boys, and it was hilarious listening to them try to guess the Capital city of Canada – ‘Alberta’ was the first guess, really?  It wouldn’t be a complete shock at home to get this kind of attention, but in scenario (a busy cafe at lunch, with a line forming behind me) and in my school-marm work outfit (knee-length dress, glasses, hair in a bun) the fascination seemed hysterical to me.

Guess I have a sexy foreign accent after all, who knew?



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4 responses to “Foreign Accents

  1. Kat

    Do you know the capital of Australia? 😉
    When I was young, I thought we sounded to Australians how they sound to us (i.e. that I was rocking a fabulous Aussie accent). Talk about disappointment when I learned that wasn’t the case.

  2. I dn’t think I know the capital of australia.. Canberra? That’s where lily lived.

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