Somethings Never Change

That would be my 7 year old self in the pink sweater, paying no attention to the camera

It really doesn’t matter how far you remove Nancy from her usual environment, some things never really change.  I’m definitely a creature of habit, predictable – mostly – is my middle name.

Shopping.  Who cares if I packed enough clothes to get me through a year, if there is shopping to be had – Nancy participates with vigour.  Apparently the Australian economy is going through some rough times, I’m just doing my part.

Recent Fitting Room Conquest

Beer.  Pretty much end of story, but regardless of time, place or occasion – I want a beer, no questions asked.  Happily working my way through all the Australian varieties at my fingertips on this trip.  Had a Hahn Extra Dry and an XXXX Gold with lunch, but my favourite so far is Little Creatures.

Paparazzi.  At least its somewhat expected to be a picture whore when you’re in somewhere like Australia, but the sheer volume of self portraits I’m taking makes me concerned about my vanity.

Orchid Complex. My sister Sandy likes to make the comparison between the two of us that she is like a Giant Oak and I am like an Orchid.  I like to think that she is insinuating that I’m a pretty and unique creature – but I’m pretty sure she just means I’m fragile and difficult.  Every since I’ve landed in the land down under I’ve had sinus issues, and my skin is starting to look scaly.  Of all the traits I’d like to lose….

I am, however, really enjoying getting to be a woman of more than my actual means though – staying in an high end hotel definitely rubs me the right way 🙂

I could get used to this kind of legroom!


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