LAX Schmell-AX

Just a quick rant about how much I really, truly despise the LAX airport.  I’ve been subjected to the torture of this particular hellhole twice in one week – and my anxiety levels have skyrocketed on both occasions, along with an unhealthy amount of indirected rage.

Both trips to LAX have involved me switching airlines, which at LAX requires you to go out of security, race around to another terminal on a bus that doesn’t show up when its supposed to, get back into a nightmarishly long security line up and go through the whole schpeel again.  Needless to say, both on my way to Vegas and my current flight to Oz, I’ve been absolute racing against time to make my connection – and Murphey’s Law, both flights ended up being tremendously delayed so my rushing about was for absolutely no reason.  Last week the delay was ‘at least one hour’ to begin with and escalated to one and a half hours, This week we started at three hours and have moved up to almost four hours – and I’m still waiting for boarding.

An added bonus is that departure updates are only made at the gate, so last week I spent the time trying to enjoy my Chinois Salad and pint of Sam Adams in the Wolfgang Puck restaurant while quickly darting into the hallway every 3 minutes to see if there had been any movement at my gate.  Brilliant

This week should be a more tolerable visit since I have access to the airline lounge (huzzah Business Class perks!) – so I was logically expecting the same serenity I was greeted with earlier today at Toronto Pearson’s Maple Leaf Lounge.  Note to United Red Carpet Club – YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG:

  • No serve your own Booze – and rather foul mannered bartenders to boot
  • Crappy Wifi that requires an individual pin code – which can’t be shared between two devices
  • Bar Service closes at 10:15 – I’m sorry, what?  My flight currently isn’t boarding until almost 2am
  • All snack food removed when Bar closes.  Really?
  • Terrible seating with limited access to power sources

Thankfully Korean loaded up my Mac with TV and Movies so I’ve been mercifully saved from playing 4 hours of Snood on my iPhone.  Oh well, whats an extra 4 hours on a 24 hour trip?

*Insert usual apologies for ranting  here*


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One response to “LAX Schmell-AX

  1. I hate that airport, although it is normally good for a story, and to confirm a hatred for Wolfgang Puck.
    When I did that whole run around security line transfer thing, I saw a couple that was “saying goodbye.” She cried in the line up while he slithered along the outside of the line torturing her.
    Everyone acted like it wasn’t happening…. until she collapsed on the floor crying at security… I love a good drama!

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