The Opposite of Cutting Back

This past weekend I travelled to Upstate New York with my Mother and three other ladies for our annual Outlet Mall shopping trip.  Regardless of my insanely large wardrobe, shoe collection and assortment of accessories – I never have trouble making good use out of an Outlet Mall.  However, with my newly minted Mortgage, brand new Macbook Air and a pricey trip to Vegas sitting on my Credit, one would I assume I might have held back a bit this time around.  Well, that is definitely not what happened.

Peggy and I took to the day with the tact of well seasoned pros:

  • We had our route planned in advance – this year we even decided to make an adjustment to our usual foot path and tried it in reverse with much success
  • Both of us donned outfits that were easy to change in and out of, making our frequent trips to the Change rooms more efficient
  • Peggy sported some sensible footwear, while I opted for the more risky move of wearing heels that desperately needed to be tossed hoping to dodge some taxes wearing a new pair home
  • Food, Beverage and Washroom stops would only occur when in the vicinity of such facilities

We charged into Banana Republic, the first order of business, and got right to work.  Generally, BR takes the majority of my ‘budget’ for the day as well as the largest proportion of time – I’m certain I was in the change room for the better part of an hour.  After making some hard decisions (ie. Not putting anything down) we trucked off to the Cashier to make our purchases.  This would be the point in the day when I searched earnestly through my handbag for my wallet, only to realize I’d left it at home.  FAIL.  Peggy, and her trusty credit card, came to the rescue and financed my shopping spree for the rest of the day!

During a quick rest on a bench towards the end of the day, I mentioned that we only had two more stores to hit (trying to help find our last wind!) and a passerby, noting the plethora of shopping bags around our feet, stated ‘I think you’ve already been to more than two stores!’  Who asked you anyway!?!  Point taken, though.

After approximately six solid hours of shopping, all five of us were exhausted – both physically and financially.  We met back at the car, crammed the trunk full of our beloved new possessions, and started our journey back towards the border.  Funnily enough, I didn’t end up buying any shoes so I sported Peggy’s new shiny loafers over the border – I particularly enjoyed shuffling through the Target parking lot trying to scuff up the soles!

After my spree, I am the proud owner of an additional 8 dresses, 4 tops, 3 cardigans, 2 camis, 1 bra and a smattering of supplies from Target and Wally Mart 🙂 Now, lets see what happens this weekend in Vegas with my uncomfortable proximity to MORE outlet malls!!

Need never came into it, right Mom?



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3 responses to “The Opposite of Cutting Back

  1. Peggy

    You are right my darling girl, we don’t use the word NEED!

  2. I haven’t been getting your updates!!!! I am hoping you aren’t thinking I haven’t been agressively commenting like I normally do!

    I want in on this shopping trip, or maybe your next closet cleaning to make some room for your new stuff!

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