Lights Out


Thanks to an all evening power outage at the homestead, I spent my few leisure hours this evening at Murphey’s Law having dinner and beer (by the Litre, again) with Peggy and Tigger. Although, I should have been prepping for my dinner party tomorrow night – this was a welcome rest from some recent stress at work.

Also, candlelight is beautiful – even Prince William seems to be enjoying the power failure. Probably not the Beck taxi that just crashed into our neighbors porch and then drove off though – probably not him.




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4 responses to “Lights Out

  1. I love it when the power goes out this time of year. for some reason I felt like you were going to say you played boardgames.

  2. I’m jealous, that sounds lovely. All that was missing was a thunder shower to heighten the mood. I’m originally from Florida, and thunder storms there are kind of sexy… but maybe not so much in Canada? Too cold?

    • Whoops.. I should have started off with ‘It was a dark and stormy night..’ because it was 🙂

      Thunderstorms here can be kind of sexy too.. not in the winter when its a bajillion degrees below zero though 😉

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