40 (or 80) Ounces to Freedom

You know you have a headache when...

I love costume parties – love them.  Thankfully, many of the people I surround myself with are totally into costuming as well, which explains why my roommates and I threw a Malt Liquor and White Trash Party this past weekend.  Yes, Malt Liquor. Yes, I had a crazy hangover on Sunday.

I really suggested the idea for the party because I haven’t had Malt Liquor in forever, and you can’t really just casually drink a 40.  I guess you could, but you’d see a few raised eyebrows – its not considered a socially acceptable beverage of choice.  Probably because it turns you into a jabbering fool after one bottle, and if you can stomach a second (which I proudly can) things go drastically downhill.  Anywho, Pickering also shares my love for budget Malt beverages, so the Malt Liquor Party was born.

I sent out the facebook invites a bit later than usual, actually in the hopes of some people already having plans.  This was just defensive move really, I wanted to drink Malt with friends, at the house – without destroying the place.  This is also why I stressed that this was not an Edward 40 hands party – that just spells disater.  Mission accomplished, lots of people already had plans and many more were drawn by the intrigue of Nuit Blanche.  In the end, we have a good 20-25 peopleover the course of the evening, however, which was busier than I’d expected.

Oddly enough though, out of the 25 bodies only 5 of us were in costume – all the residents of the house plus Pickering.  Some claimed to have missed the theme (it was in the FB invite title!! Hello!), others just didn’t feel like Costuming – really? It was October 1st, what better way to celebrate the entrance into Halloween month?  Anyway, I think our costumes were awesome:

  • Eleanor and I opted for the trashy animal print, tights, and curlers in our hair look – I felt we were white trash mixed with Bon Qui Qui’s ghetto-not-so-fabulous (of King Burgers’ Out of the hood program fame).  Frankly we were having difficulties trying not to look nice.  Although, the Snow Leopard tights I wore were purchased non-ironically and have been worn previously not in relation to a costume (big shock)
  • Korean whipped out the hillbilly hick look with a wife beater, Davy Crockett hat and an orange hunting fest (previously seen in his Marty McFly costume at Jillian’s Birthday)
  • Pickering pulled off the trashy rocker look with an awesome skullet wig, an AC/DC Sleeveless shirt and ripped jeans
  • Tigger took the prize though, with his cut off jean shorts, real handle bar moustache, short sleeve leather jacket, long blonde hair and Trucker Hat – he even printed up a copy of Trailer Park Times including such riveting stories as ‘My Cousin makes weird faces when we have sex, is it cause we’re related?’

Despite the fact that pretty much everyone ignored the theme, and the beverage of choice, it was still a pile of fun.   My indulgence in the Malt definitely lead to another 14 hour visit with my couch, but I only have one more opportunity to do that before I jet to Australia – so I thrived in the relaxation and recovery proces. 

Highlights of the evening included:

  • Our neighbour Claude (whom non of us have ever seen before) asking us to turn down the music – while wearing an outfit that would have rivalled Tigger’s for the prize
  • The number of times Officer told me to ‘stop kissing my teeth at him’
  • An apparently mass pass out session on the couches in the living room – although I was the only remaining body when I found myself there at 7am with a horrible neckache
  • Still sporting my trashy makeup and half of my costume the next day while having brunch at the house with Tigger’s Parents AND Grandparents. Classy, Nancy, very classy




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