Not on our A Game

It was a busy Thursday night for Nancy!  I spent the first half of my evening with Depot, taking a few loads of stuff to her new apartment in Korean’s Silver wheels!  We felt quite productive and even had time to nip into Gabby’s for a well deserved cold beverage and a hot meal.  After that, I nipped up to Rosedale to collect Jillian who I was chauffering to St. Catharines – a mid point on her trip to join up with Mr. Moustache on the ‘seas’.

Normally, Jillian and Nancy on a Roadtrip absolutely reeks of Type-A over planning.  Schedules, maps, conversation topics, planned breaks – you get the drift.  Things started out as usual, made a pit stop for coffee and popped on the highway for our supposedly one and a quarter hour journey.  Jillian had some directions on her phone and we both had a faint idea of whereabouts St. Catharines actually was.

First sign of trouble ahead:

Jillian: “Umm.. what highway are we on?”

Nancy: “The 401!”

Jillian: “Ok, we should have gone South to the QEW.  Take the 427 when you get to it”

Nancy: “Umm, doesn’t the 401 just meet up with the QEW eventually?” (editors note: this is FALSE) 

Thankfully, I took Jillian’s lead and caught the 427 south to the QEW – we were back on track, whew!  We continue chattering away for the next 20 minutes or so, and then I follow Jillian’s instructions to jump on the 403 – off we go!!  Nothing seems amiss – yet – so we continue our never ending banter, and enjoy the remainder of our Starbucks treats.

As Jillian is playing around with her uber fun Mac (I’m currently obsessed with buying one), I notice one of those green highway signs that indicates the distance to the upcoming towns:




Curiously, no mention of St. Catharines. 

Nancy: “Umm… why isn’t St. Catharines listed as a destination on the highway sign.”

It’s a good thing I did notice that sign – as you can see from the maps below we were completely off course! Green indicating the direction we should have travelled, and red indicating our chosen course.

Its like the Bermuda Triangle - only not actually mysterious at all.


Talk about heading the Wrong Way!

In the end it took us just shy of two hours to get to our destination, and took me slightly more than half the time to get gas, drive back to Toronto and get in bed!  I guess even the most organized gals can have an off night!



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2 responses to “Not on our A Game

  1. You are such a GEM for doing that for me.
    I mean I am not surprised, but I am definitely wowed by you!!!!!
    I owe you big time, and am proud that I bit my lip about your 401 being the answer…. hehehe The Nancy Whisperer

  2. Haha, ya I was WAY off on the 401 thing, but I clearly wasn’t that sure of myself since I heeded to the 427 advice 😉

    It was a fun little detour 🙂

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