Charitable Nancy


Depot and I hit the town last night for a mid-week, open bar, charity event. We donned our chic fall outfits, pretty heels, more makeup than usual for a Thursday and headed to the Burroughs building for Project Sunshine’s Yuppie event, Shine on.

Eventing, in my opinion can go one of two ways 1. Bore fest full of pompous suits and holier than thou women or 2. Highly entertaining evenings in Interesting spaces with eclectic people. This night was definitely the latter.

The venue itself was in a wonderful old building with beautiful hardwood floors and whitewashed walls. Kudos to the organizers for having all the right elements:

Excellent food: tasty and plentiful appies PLUS a midnight poutine bar courtesy of Smoke’s Poutinerie

Booze: readily available and included my fav, Steam Whistle

Entertainment: an Art Battle included four artist in essentially a ‘paint off’ – was phenomenal to watch and the talent, and resulting canvass’, were top notch

Self Directed Fun: a silent auction and an excellent photo booth that depot and I hogged – best photos of us ever!

The only downside was the lack of seating – not a chair, bench or banquette in the joint. Not the best situation when teetering around in heels! When the photo booth was temporarily shut down for the art battle, we had a stroke of brilliance and used the bench to have a quick sit down!

We had an excellent time – left with smiles on our faces, full bellies and a slight limp. Thankfully, my hangover was shockingly almost non existent – my system was probably just thrilled I wasn’t drinking out of my Oktoberfest glass again 🙂



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6 responses to “Charitable Nancy

  1. Jessica

    Oh man. Midnight poutine bar. One of the greatest ideas I’ve ever heard of!!!!

    Mmmmmmm 🙂

  2. I only discovered Poutine last year, because the States have yet to catch on to this brilliant culinary masterpiece, and it was probably my favorite discovery of 2010. Ranked right under discovering that there are perforated flaps on the sides of foil boxes to keep the foil roll in place. And by the way, those shoes are epic!

  3. You re completely right, this night could have gone either way!
    I am particularly amused by the email stating your were hung over the next day.
    Way to go!

  4. Haha.. I guess my hangover existed, it just wasn’t as bad as the previous Sunday when I could MOVE for the entire day 😉

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