Beer by the Litre

I made the trip to the Steam Whistle Brewery this Saturday afternoon with Tigger (later joined by Eleanor and Pickering) to partake in the first Oktoberfest party they have hosted.

Needless to say, much beer was consumed and fun was had by all.  However, I’ve definitely discovered why Beer is usuall served in pint format – and not by the litre (over double the size of a pint):

1. Its friggen heavy

2. It warms up a bit too quickly

3. It leaves you brain dead with two day hangovers (on day two now)

I understand that you don’t HAVE to drink more just because the glass is larger, but its definitely more tempting.

One hell of a party, had a fabulous time – from what I can recall.  Hopefully this will tide me over until the St. Patty’s party since I will be missing the Halloween festivites this year 😦


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One response to “Beer by the Litre

  1. omg. by the litre. I have a new Carlsberg onesie as a costume for oktoberfest should we make it to kitchener this year. I will stick to small glasses of beer… or taking shots from a shot – ski.

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