Cancun Mexicoma

After our first day of vodka induced chaos, we each arrived for breakfast with a glass of White Wine in our hands – these had mysteriously appeared in our mini bar and we didn’t want them to go to waste!  Now I know what you’re thinking – Here we go again – but you’d at least be partially wrong.  While we did knock back our Wine with breakfast and continue with drinks at the pool bar for the majority of the day, it was much more subdued then our arrival.  This would be the tone for the remainder of the week.

Considering the absolute indulgence of our Spring Break trip to Cancun earlier this year, I was surprised at our ability to find a balance on this trip between day drinking, evening debauchery, sun napping and general relaxation.  We actually made it to breakfast on all but two days, and really only narrowly missed it on those occasions.  In March, Depot and I only made it to Breakfast once and that was simply because we arrived back at the hotel at 7:30am after a particularly deviant night out.  Again, we were being ‘those girls’.

We ended up spending the majority of our pool time fun with an older couple from Kentucky (our adopted Mom & Dad for the trip), a pair of middle aged bachelors from the same region, and a smattering of young couples from the US and the UK.  While this crew was a tad more contained than the Cockney group of early 20’s D-bags from the UK that polluted the pool daily with their terrible music, they did have a penchant for shots.  Interestingly, in the pool bar, you just order your shots by colour.  Word to the wise, avoid the Blue ones, they are definitely the worst – I would recommend yellow.


Not any more...

Our last pool day with the big group (our second last at the hotel) was by far the messiest, with the Kentuckians really taking the cake.  I had a startling realization while stumbling back to the room for a 6pm nap – with some nachos & pump cheese, of course – since when do I notice how drunk other people are, or question the stamina of the daily pool partiers?  Res.. pon..sib…le? Who, me?  Never.  I blame going to Cancun twice in one year.  The fact that we survived to tell the tale is a testament to our commitment to having fun and being the life of the party. 

 Nap time is key.



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5 responses to “Cancun Mexicoma

  1. napping is a holiday requirement!

  2. Kat

    You lucky (explicit word)! So you’re going to Sydney eh? Devela is at 433 King Street in Newtown. Take one of the buses starting with the numbers 42 from downtown. Or take the train to Newtown Stn. Exit the stn the only way possible onto King St and go left. Stay left at the fork. Walk about 5-10 minutes along King, it’ll be on your right. Newtown has lots of fun shops and cafes so if you have time, explore a little bit in the other direction from the station as well. The Surrey Hill neighbourhood’s the main vintage/thift neighbourhood in Sydney.

    This post is all sorts of fun and debaucherie…love!

  3. Cocolicquot

    How delightful!!!!

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