26 Ounces of Trouble

When I last checked in, I was at the airport about to jet off to sunny Cancun and not-so-discreetly thwarting the no booze prior to 11am rule at Pearson Airport by partaking in some Duty Free vodka.  Needless to say, Depot and I polished off all 26 ounces of our Absolut Raspberry vodka sometime before arriving at our hotel and some confusion, drowsiness, and general hilarity ensued.

Prior to jumping on our flight, we hit the ladies room (so classy) near our gate to fix ourselves a beverage.  Based on photographic evidence – and a few fuzzy memories – it appears as though we boarded the plane with the remains of the 26er emptied into two sprite bottles and each carried on a premixed drink as well.  The glass bottle was unceremoniously left in the lavatory before boarding.

 Thanks to our early imbibing, day one was a bit of a wacky ride with some parts much harder to recall than others.  From a combination of our memories, photos, and stories from others – here are some highlights of day one:

We were ‘those girls’ on the plane: hitting the buzzer to ring the flight attendant for more sprite and bits and bites at least three times, going to the washroom more often than that (and neither of us were on the aisle), and generally being brash and unnecessarily loud.  Also, excessive photo taking – with flash.

Unplanned Nap Times: While trying to watch TV on my iPhone on the plane, on the Van ride to the hotel, at the beach (yes, depot, we went to the beach on day one), after dinner – and probably other pit stops throughout the day.

Customs? How did we even manage to get through customs?  I guess we’ll never know.

Hotel Transfer:  Our only memory of that trip was being woken up by the driver upon arrival at the hotel as per previously mentioned Nap Time.  We met a couple on the way home who were apparently with us that day as well, and had to keep righting our beer bottles so they wouldn’t spill while we were napping.  Wait, beer bottles? 1. Clearly didn’t need beer and 2. Where did they come from? Airport bar!  We also have some photos of us sitting in the trunk of the van.. like where the luggage should have been…

Blind Nancy:  We didn’t find this out until later in the week, but apparently a few people assumed I was blind as Depot was leading me around holding my hand and my eyes were either closed or well below half-mast.  Talk about the Blind leading the Blind.

Emotional Pool Time:  At some point after dinner – where we indulged in some clearly unnecessary white wine – we ended up sitting on the edge of the pool, dangling our feet in the water, and balling our eyes out.  Booze tears.

Bedtime:  Our last unplanned Nap Time occurred sometime after dinner and kept us securely tucked in our new beds until well into the next morning.  Probably for the best.



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2 responses to “26 Ounces of Trouble

  1. I’ve seen blind Nancy Francis.

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